Tilth Alliance - Where good food grows.

Tilth Alliance works in community with Washington farmers, gardeners and eaters to build a sustainable, healthy and equitable food system.

Our vision is simple. At Tilth Alliance we want everyone to eat well every day. We’re nurturing a culture where nutritious food is front and center, and available to everyone, and recognize this vision is not possible without  successful regional farmers and a healthy planet.

It’s no secret that the ways we currently produce food is creating all sorts of problems – for people’s health, for farmers and for the environment. Tilth Alliance is changing the way food is grown, distributed and eaten.

We use farms, gardens and kitchens as classrooms for hands-on education, teaching agriculture, nutrition and science to people of all ages. Participants learn how to grow food on large or small scales and to cook using nutritious, locally grown ingredients. Together, passionate community members are creating a shift in our culture and have the potential for great influence and change.

Support TILTH!

One Planet Hosting donates profits to nonprofit organizations chosen by clients. Sign up for web hosting, or register a domain name with us, and choose Tilth Alliance as the organization you would like to support. At least 20% of all hosting and domain registration payments will go to supporting their work.

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