Puget Soundkeeper

Puget Soundkeeper’s mission is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound. Founded in 1984, Puget Soundkeeper was the first and is still the only organization entirely focused on stopping water pollution sources throughout the Puget Sound basin. Soundkeeper works to meaningfully decrease pollutants reaching the Sound through monitoring, enforcement and stewardship activities. Soundkeeper strives to increase civic engagement in Puget Sound water quality issues by engaging with diverse communities to increase awareness of the need to protect local waterways, by building a strong community voice to advocate for the Sound and by fostering active participation in saving Puget Sound.      

Puget Soundkeeper monitors Puget Sound water quality by boat and land, enforces the Clean Water Act, involves thousands of volunteers in waterway cleanup and restoration, engages with policy makers, stakeholders and regulators to improve water quality protections, educates the public and implements solution-oriented partnerships with the business community. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and special events at:  www.pugetsoundkeeper.org

Support Puget Soundkeeper!

One Planet Hosting donates profits to nonprofits chosen by clients. Sign up for web hosting, or register a domain name with us, and choose Puget Soundkeeper as the organization you would like to support. At least 20% of all payments will go to supporting their work.

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