Seattle Ladies Choir

The Seattle Ladies Choir is made up of 50+ members with varying musical experience, from shower singers to professional musicians. It is a non-audition choir that strives to provide a supportive community for members and to connect through music. The choir votes each season on a repertoire of contemporary, secular music in a wide range including rock, folk, and pop, and aims to perform at a professional level twice per year. The choir is open to all self-identified women, and adheres to practices that are inclusive, safe, and supportive, while embracing an eclectic core.

The Seattle Ladies Choir welcomes a variety of talents, backgrounds, experiences, and personal characteristics, including but not limited to race; sexual orientation; ethnicity; religion; ability; socio-economic background; and geographic origin. We require members to be 21+ years of age. We support causes such as LGBTQIA rights, musical education for girls and women, and empowering diverse communities through music.

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