Abbey Arts

Abbey Arts’ mission is to curate welcoming arts & cultural experiences where people of all ages and incomes can explore creativity, enjoy beauty, grow empathy and increase awareness.

We aim for Abbey Arts produced events to be focused on the beauty of live music and the arts.  Music & arts events help people take time away from the busy distractions of daily life, put down their digital devices, and really engage in an experience.  We believe this can help us all grow more empathy and build awareness while connecting more with others in the community.

Abbey Arts focuses especially on local music, visual art, spoken word, storytelling, and contemporary dance.  Formats include multi-arts collaborative performances like The Round, intimate close-up concerts, new dance performances with live music, community gatherings like The Moth storytelling event, our special Cathedrals series, dance classes, workshops and artistic life celebrations.

Abbey Arts programs are non-religious and all are welcome.

Support Abbey Arts!

One Planet Hosting donates profits to nonprofit organizations chosen by clients. Sign up for web hosting, or register a domain name with us, and choose Abbey Arts Presents as the organization you would like to support. At least 20% of all hosting and domain registration payments will go to supporting their work.

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