Imagine Housing

Everyone needs a home to achieve their highest potential. We believe that communities are stronger when everyone has a place to call home.

Imagine Housing communities are home to over 1,400 people whose income is below 60% of the area median income. Our residents include families, veterans, single parents, youth and adults who have been homeless, survivors of domestic violence, and people on a fixed income due to age, health, or disability. Our residents have diverse backgrounds, needs, and goals. Imagine Housing’s affordable homes offer them a stable place to build their future.

By integrating services whenever possible, we promote respect and dignity for all people, encourage healthy and thriving communities. We partner with over 70 other nonprofits and agencies to assist our residents with basic needs, transportation, employment, and health services. Just as we’ve helped transform people’s lives, we continue to transform for the future. We are on our way to creating another 500 affordable apartments for families, people exiting homelessness, seniors, veterans, and individuals by 2022.

Support Imagine Housing!

One Planet Hosting donates profits to nonprofit organizations chosen by clients. Sign up for web hosting, or register a domain name with us, and choose Imagine Housing as the organization you would like to support. At least 20% of all hosting and domain registration payments will go to supporting their work.

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