Rain City Rock Camp

Rain City Rock Camp empowers girls, women, and gender non-conforming individuals to engage their creative potential through music, champion equity, and thrive in a community of allies and activists.

We envision an equitable world that celebrates creativity, embraces authenticity, and values all voices.

We value…

  • SELF-EMPOWERMENT and development of the strengths in each of us.
  • MUSIC as a medium for personal growth and social change.
  • LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for girl, women, and gender non-conforming individuals.
  • SUPPORTIVE & INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY in our work and partnerships.
  • DIVERSITY because together we are better.
  • PROGRESSIVE APPROACHES to fighting sexism and societal inequities.
  • AUTHENTICITY & RESPECT in all spaces.

Support Rain City Rock Camp!

One Planet Hosting donates profits to nonprofit organizations chosen by clients. Sign up for web hosting, or register a domain name with us, and choose Rain City Rock Camp as the organization you would like to support. At least 20% of all hosting and domain registration payments will go to supporting their work.

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